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Becoming a God: a Bottom-Up approach

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Lets go with the big bang theory when it comes to the way universe came into existence. Assuming, it all began with amoeba and paramecium. Journey from there to being homo sapiens is definitely relatable and reasonably believable. Would you find it hard to believe when I say, in the same lines, that divinity is merely an extension of humanity?

Lets try my bottom up theory of how Gods evolved like humans evolved too. Wallace or Darwin didn't talk of that :)

Post the dinosaurs era, when humans grew lesser bothered about their safety, graduated from food-gathering to food-growing, they indulged themselves into some thinking...While painting the caves, gazing at the stars and the galaxies, they began wondering: how we were created, the natural phenomenon around us and the big questions on the universe and our very existence. Some of them, when they could find time after having taken care of their survival needs and fertility needs, started to meditate and lead disciplined lifestyles. Effectively managing their time and energies, they realized their inner potential and connected their individual consciousness to the cosmic collective consciousness. One can say this is like a portal of all collective knowledge and all collective karma of the world. Karma is not to be understood as a reward and punishment system, but as the basis of life.

Like I always tell the children, you cannot create anything without knowledge! Similarly life cannot be created without memory; be it a single celled amoeba to a human being, the structure of life is based on DNA that is itself a memory. Karmic memory is hence a collective of experiences and memory systems.

Back to the big question of how this can help humans realize their full potential and become God? One assumption could be its a matter of processes they have followed, practices they diligently did, rules that they have adhered to; it could all have been a trial and error method but they finally arrived. It was definitely a journey of eons and eons. There could have been many more ways, the point of speculation being humans transformed into divine beings.

Some say there is divinity in humanity, i see humanity as a building block to construct "Divinity". God is the highest state that you would want to achieve; devoid of diseases and death, full of vitality and vigor, defying age and blessed with eternal youth, all-knowing and all-pervading, of being capable of astral and time travel (that's my personal favorite) and of levitating and shape-shifting and finally of achieving eternal bliss. But it all started with being a human! (or even an amoeba first)

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